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Dance artist and choreographer

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Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2020, majoring in contemporary dance. From 2020 to 2022, she served as a dancer for the City Contemporary Dance Company.


In addition to receiving professional training in contemporary dance, she has also received training in various dance styles, including HipHop, Jazz, Ballet, and Chinese dance. During her studies at the Academy, she was awarded several scholarships, including the "Grantham Scholarships 2018", the HKSAR Government Scholarship (Reaching Out Award) 18/19", and the "Dance Faculty Scholarship 19/20". She also received scholarships to study and exchange in France and Spain.


She has participated in performances such as Mao Wei's "Dance Me to the End of Night", Helen Lai's "Maria de Buenos Aires", Yuri Ng's "Home Sweat Home", Passoverdance's "Maze 3.0", Sang Jijia's "Mr Blank", Wong Chun-tat's "Nos Meres Leurs Meres", and others. She won the championship in the contemporary dance open group at the 2022 One Dance Nation Competition.


King Yu also has experience in various types of stage performances. She has participated in many commercial dance works, performing and choreographing in various types of concerts and music videos with artists such as Ivana Wong, Joyce Cheng, Yoyo Sham, and Collar. King Yu is also actively involved in teaching and provides modern dance training and choreographic skills to secondary school and tertiary students, dedicated to promoting the art of dance.


King Yu is currently a freelance dance artist.

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