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Open Call for
Artist-in-residence Programme

We are seeking enthusiastic artists, or the right individuals from any discipline – visual arts, mixed-media, literature, education, design, music, dance, film, theatre and more to use art as a possibility making art more accessible and approachable to wide public audiences. 

1. Types of Residence

I) ART-in-Living workshop creation

If you have a skill and any knowledge wanting to share, be it from any discipline – visual arts, mixed-media, literature, creative writing, movement practice, acrobatics, music, dance, and theatre, come join Talent to offer.

The artist should be operating a series of workshop ( Period of 12-16 weeks long) to share with HKAC ART Factory participants, subject to the content and format of the proposal. 

Workshop Frequency: once per week

Workshop duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

Workshop Period: AUGUST - NOVEMBER 2022 

II) Research-based (work-in-progress)

If you are a truth seeker and in the process of an ongoing or research  or about to embark one, come join Research-based residency, and utilize space and work with the HKAC to jointly develop your project!

The artist will be staying a period of 12-16 weeks long, subject to the content and format of the proposal. During the residency period, artists might be creating artwork and running programmes to share their artwork and ideas to our community.

Research hours: 20-30 hours per month 

Residency Period: Subject to change depending on the availability of the rehearsal venue.

2. Eligibility

  • Local or international artists of ages 18 and/or above

  • Good command in spoken English and/or Cantonese

  • The nature and content of the residency proposal must be aligned with the mission and vision of HKAC.

3. Submission of application materials

​Please submit 2 attachments as followings: 

  1. Curriculum vitae, Personal Information, Artist Statement

  2. Research Proposal // Workshop Proposal

Format: PDF, each file 3pages max.


​Optional item(s)

  • Images of art reference, 5 images max.

  • Link to the artist website or video/ sound clips, 3 max.

4. Artist Support

  • Studio hours for works development, meeting and rehearsal

  • Opportunity to be engaged in Cultural Exchange outside of Hong Kong

  • Networking with professional and expertise across different disciplines and research interests 

  • Producing support in developing artistic goal/project step by step with the HKAC and Artist community

  • Exposure in research/artist-in-residency grants with HKAC as one of the presenting partners

  • Potential to be invited to work under HKAC Present programme for Work-In-Progress, Studio Showcase, Performance Production with start up grant not more than HK$40,000. 

  • Access to HKAC Marketing and Administrative support in the course of the Residency, including but not limited to HKAC website, Facebook, Instagram and other relevant platforms 

*Details will be discussed and confirmed after the approval of Residency.

*In case with any Workshop to be held at HKAC at either stream, the space rental is covered; course income shall be shared under ART FACTORY mechanism.

5. How to apply

Please submit the application via Google form here and upload the required information for consideration. 

• Late submissions or submissions made through other channels will not be processed. Applications with incomplete information will not be considered.

Application Deadline: 27 JUNE 2022

6. Contact

Please direct any enquiries to the HKAC ART Factory via or WhatsApp +852 67964482.

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