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Stephaine Keung

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Stephanie is born and raised in Hong Kong and transferred from the HKAPA to NSCD (2019) due to the upsetting political situation. The Chinese Government left her no choice but to escape 5940 miles away to retain her freedom of expression. She was once again challenged by COVID-19. Luckily, by collaborating with Joseph Mercier and Fernanda Prata, she once again express herself through a platinum wig and indigo bruises, eventually with a tassel and a hood in First Class Honour. She is currently based in Salzburg, Austria. She will be again a freshly graduate from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (July 2022) but still without seeing her family for once in 3 years. Stephanie is an emerging artist who believes in more independent voices in this world are needed. She is on her way in discovering her own ones through try-and-error. She does not know where herself is leading her, yet triumph return to home with an evolved identity recognition is what she is looking forward to.

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