Are there any requirements for participants? Are there no different levels of class? Is it Beginner Friendly, or is it about exchange between professional artists? 對參與者有什麽水準要求嗎?我沒有經驗也可以參加嗎? 還是更針對藝術家之間的探討和交流?

The only requirement is to be open-minded, the difficulty of courses will adjust based on the case.The workshop is not a lesson, instead of one-way learning, it is an exploration of topic, like a research that is put forward with the collaboration of Artists and participants


Will the package expire? 套票有設限期嗎?

All packages will be valid within an ART Factory season. For this season, the package will valid until Jul 27, 2021.

所有套票的限期為一個ART Factory季度。本季度的限期至2021年7月27日。

Can I cancel or change my booking? 我可以取消或更改我的預約嗎?

Yes, to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 8 hours in advance. Any cancellation/reschedule made less than 8 hours in advance will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved price. 可以,如需更改或取消預約,請於預約時間前8 小時通我們,否則將如期扣除費用及堂數。

I am a patron of season 1, how can I log in ART Factory website?                                                                                                                                  我是第一季的舊學員,可以如何登入網站?

Method 1: Log in with Email

  1. Press the “Log in” button at the top right corner
  2. Select “Log in with Email” and input your registered email address, click “Forgot password?”
  3. An email to reset password will be sent to your email address.
  4. After you have renewed your password, another confirmation email will be sent. [Please check the “Promotions”/ “Social”/ “Spam” mailbox if you cannot see it in your primary inbox.]
  5. You are all set! Reserve a workshop and enjoy the wandering in the Art Factory!

Method 2: Log in with Google

  1. If you are using Gmail as your registered email address, you can log in with Google
  2. Select the correct registered Gmail account.
  3. You are ready to go! Book a workshop before they are full!


  1. 按右上角的登入鍵
  2. 輸入你報名用的個人電郵地址並按「忘記密碼」
  3. 你將會收到一封由ART Factory 發出,要求你重設密碼的電郵。打開電郵後,請按下「重設密碼」鍵,系統會看自動跳至重設密碼的頁面
  4. 重設密碼後,你會再次收到一封電郵以確認你的電郵地址(如果在主要郵件中找不到此電郵,請查看促銷內容/垃圾郵件中的電郵)
  5. 按下「確認電郵地址」後便能成功登入ART Factory 網站,請盡情探索我們的網頁吧!


  1. 如果你是Gmail的使用者,你可以直接按「用電子郵件登入」去登入本網頁
  2. 選擇你購買代幣時使用的Gmail登入
  3. 你已成功登入ART Factory 網站,請盡情探索我們的網頁吧!

Why would 1 session of X’press Yo’self (Contemporary Dance Based) or Re-New Series workshop count as 2 lessons/tokens per booking? 為什麼預訂一節X’press Yo’self (Contemporary Dance Based)或Re-New Series工作坊會扣除兩節課堂/兩個代幣?

Since 1 token = $150, and the workshop fee of X’press Yo’self (Contemporary Dance Based) and a workshop of Re-New Series is $300, so 2 lesson/tokens will be deducted per booking.

由於一個代幣的價值為$150,而X’press Yo’self (Contemporary Dance Based)及Re-New Series工作坊費用為$300,故會扣除兩節課堂/兩個代幣。