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Fion on

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Fion On graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts and Culture and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Music) at The Education University of Hong Kong. She possesses multiple music-related professional qualifications including piano and music theory from East and West. By her outstanding academic results and experiences of various extra-curricular activities, she was awarded numerous scholarships such as Scholarship Scheme by Sun Hung Kai Properties Scholarship, Talent Development Scholarship, Student Pro-Artist Scheme.

In addition to her profound musical and artistic ability, she also has excellent sports talent. Having started to learn rope skipping from the early time of secondary school, she joined the Hong Kong Rope Skipping team in 2014 and represented Hong Kong in many International competitions. She has received impressive results in contests e.g. World Rope Skipping Championships 2014 (HK) and 2016 (Sweden) , 10th Asian Rope Skipping Championships (Malaysia). She then becomes a coach of rope skipping and teaches in multiple primary and secondary schools. Her professional teaching skill is well proven as she has also been music practice teacher in schools and teaching assistant for interest classes. 

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