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HKAC ART Factory 參加者及收集個人資料聲明


本人同意參加上述活動,並願意遵守香港藝術中心 (簡稱「主辦機構」) 所訂的條文及規則,並同意以下各點:
1. 自願參加此活動和自願承擔各意外風險及責任,如因參加是項活動而引致任何損失及受傷,除非因主辦機構引致,否則主辦機構毋須負責;
2. 在此聲明參加者身體健康及有能力參加此活動;
3. 明白此活動的體能要求情況下報名參加;
4. 聲明在報名表格上之資料確實無誤;
5. 所有參與HKAC ART Factory及使用有關設施之參加者,當於進行工作坊時已無條件接受此意外及受傷免責條款之內容。

HKAC ART Factory 有權更改或修訂此條款之內容而不作另行通知。

(1)香港藝術中心HKAC ART Factory會嚴格遵守《個人資料(私隱)條例》(第486章) 規定,並確保妥善儲存有關的個人資料及資料準確無誤。主辦機構只收集參加者資料作開立收據、聯絡、招募義工、宣傳活動/服務、進行問卷調查及收集意見之用途,不會以任何形式出售、租借或轉讓予任何人士或組織。
(2) 主辦機構亦將會使用參加者於活動期間被攝錄之照片及錄像及其所攝錄之相片、錄像,以及所遞交的作品等作報告及相關宣傳之用。
(3) 根據《個人資料(私隱)條例》(第486章) 第18 條、第22條和附表1 內第6 原則的規定,閣下有權要求查閱和改正所提供的個人資料。若對填報個人資料一事有任何疑問, 請電2582 0200與我們聯絡。以後如閣下欲停止接收電子通訊,請閣下連同個人資料 (包括姓名及電郵地址) 電郵至通知我們。


Participants Declaration and Personal Information Collection Statement

Participants Declaration

I agree in participating the activity stated above and abide by the terms and conditions of Hong Kong Arts Centre (“Organizer”) , hereby I declare:
1. I join the workshop voluntarily and am willing to bear all sorts of risks and consequences of potential dangers. Organiser is not liable and responsible towards any injury and loss caused in this workshop, unless it is caused by organiser;
2. I am healthy and am physically equipped in participating the workshops;
3. I am fully aware and understand the physical requirement of workshops when applying for the workshops;
4. The information provided in this form is accurate;
5. All participants of HKAC ART Factory and participants that use relevant facilities have already unconditionally accepted this statement.
HKAC ART Factory has the rights to change or amend these terms and conditions without notice.

Personal Information Collection Statement. 

(1)Hong Kong Arts Centre HKAC ART Factory will strictly obey the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486), and ensure all relevant personal information to be safely stored and the information to be kept as precisely accurate. Organiser only collect participants' information for the purpose of creating invoices, communication, recruiting volunteers, promoting events or services, questionnaire and research, and evaluation. It will not be rented, transferred and sold in any ways to anyone or any organization for monetary rewards.
(2) Organiser will use the videos, photos, other sorts of recording videos and photos taken during the workshops, and works handed in, etc. for the use in drafting administrative reports and for promotional publications.
(3) According to Section 18, Section 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of《Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486), you have the right to check and amend the personal information provided. If there are any concerns regarding the collection of personal information, please contact us at 2582 0200. If one prefers to stop receiving e-notices, please notify us with personal information (including name and email address) through email:

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