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“54 of 206”

“54 of 206” is an ongoing movement-research-into-choreography project curious about the possibilities of images, perhaps eventually stories can be created by the detailed articulation of (not only) fingers, palms, and wrist. It was fundamentally a personal discovery to further develop the artistic voice of Keung through human body movement research. The name of the project is inspired by the 54 bones in human hands and wrists with a total of 206 bones in average human anatomy, which describes the current stage of the project mainly focusing on the above specific body parts without neglecting the rest.


To further explain, the capability of hands is almighty. From a powerful punch to a delicate touch; From playful shadow dance to spiritual Indian Mudra. Keung believes with the articulation and sensibility of hands, can bring unlimited imagination and imagination through a variety of shapes, gestures, and actions. In 2020, “Alternate World” was one of the very first experimental choreography of Keung collaborating hand and foot with music 1 and a desk lamp. It has deepened her interests in the subtleness and minimalistic expression brought by her findings. She would like to therefore continue the exploration to wherever her hands will lead her to, with the aim of presenting a work-in-progress composition at the end of residency.


In the current stage of research, Keung is using Labanotation as the guideline of exploration. The configuration helps to explore the potential of hands by asking “what”, “where”, “when”, and “how”. In this research project, “what” will be zooming into the micro parts of hands that the majority haven’t explored frequently, such as the third knuckle of the left hand or the inner surface of proximal phalanges (fig.1) of the right pinkie. The attached video below has showcased some of her improvisation based on the mentioned exploration tool.

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