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Awakening children's imagination through meaningful picture books, inspiring physical exploration, and establishing essential life values.


The workshop combines picture books and dance to create a unique and engaging experience for young children! Designed for children in K1-K3, this course is perfect for parents looking to encourage creativity, movement, and self-expression in their little ones. 

Through picture books, children are guided to create unique movements, explore the possibility of combining creativity with dance, learn to have the courage to express themselves and develop physical flexibility and self-confidence. The curriculum integrates values ​​education, allowing children to understand important life values ​​from stories and establish a positive mindset.


This workshop will guide children to:
- Explore different picture books and learn how to visualize the stories through movement 
- Learn basic dance techniques and collaborative movements
- Boost creativity and imagination  

- Establish positive values 

- Foster parent-child relationship


Our experienced instructors are passionate about creating a fun and supportive learning environment, where children can feel free to express themselves and explore their creativity.


Whether your child is a natural-born dancer or new to the world of movement, this course is designed to meet them where they are and help them grow in their own unique way.

Christmas Themed Picture Book X Creative dance workshop (K1-K3)

  • Session 1: 3/12 (Sun)  14:00-15:00

    Session 2: 17/12 (Sun) 14:00-15:00

    Venue: 1604 Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre

    Target: K1-K3

    (Each child must be accompanied by at least one parent in class)

    Fee: $280/class

  • Photography of the workshop may be arranged, all materials will solely be used for archival and promotional purposes of the HKAC.

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