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Embark on a journey of exploring the art of sound, experiencing inner tranquility, relieving stress, and welcoming the arrival of the new year.

Through meditation and voice toning, participants will learn to calm their breath, gain awareness and find inner peace.

In deep listening activities, participants will be guided to explore their voices - the variety of its textures and colors. Unleash your creativity and self expressions with improvisational singing, interact with the group under the guidance of the instructor.

Workshop ends with a deeply relaxing sound bath to relieve stress and replenish energy, enjoying frequencies of singing bowls, sound healing instruments, and the voice .

Join us for a holistic journey of self-discovery and healing, let go of the stress of the past year, and experience the transformative power of your voice and healing sounds.

Sound X Healing Art – Meditative Healing Workshop

  • Session 1: 10/12 (Sun) 11:00-13:00

    Session 2: 10/12 (Sun) 14:00-16:00

    Venue: Hong Kong Arts Centre 

    Fee: $280/class 


    Teaching Artist:Heidi Law 

  • Photography of the workshop may be arranged, all materials will solely be used for archival and promotional purposes of the HKAC.

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